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According to statistics of January 2012, there are 84981 women with disabilities officially registered in Armenia. They face double discrimination because of their gender and disability. Very often girls and women with disabilities face discrimination because of the public cultural believes or stereotypes on woman’s role. Women with disabilities currently are not involved in community events and decision-making processes.  Analyzing and studying all these reasons “Agate” Center undertook the “Leader women with disabilities” project. The project is financed by   the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program of US Embassy in Armenia.

Goal of the project
The goal of the project is to promote the participation of young women with disabilities in decision making processes in the communities of 5 regions of Shirak Region (Artik, Maralik, Amasia and Akhuryan).

The objectives of the project are
·        Building capacities of young women with disabilities to exercise their rights in decision making processes in their communities, in rural areas of Shirak region.
·        Change attitudes of public authorities and local self-governing bodies towards young women with disabilities, and encourage them to involve young people with disabilities in their discussions on decision making policies, strategic planning, monitoring and research in their communities.
·        Setting-up an interactive blog, this will elucidate information on the participation of young women with disabilities in decision making processes in Shirak Region.
·        Making a film on success stories of women with disabilities’ participation in decision making processes. 
The goal and the objectives of the proposed project corresponds to the second and the third goals of the  DemCom Grant program, as it supports the rights of  individuals with disabilities and promotes  opportunities for young women with disabilities, and integrates them  into decision-making processes within their communities.

           In the result of project implementation

·  The awareness of local authorities in Gyumri and 5 regions of Shirak regions was   raised on UN CRPD, RA National Gender Equality Policy, and they are encouraged to involve women with disabilities in decision making processes , as  women with disabilities understand and can represent their needs better.
·  Women with disabilities living in Shirak region have gained knowledge on local and international treaties and policies reflecting their lives.
·  20 women with disabilities in Shirak region have gained leadership and computer skills, their advocacy capacities are developed and they are able to defend their rights.
·  WWDs have become role models in their communities, and they can reach out to other women with disabilities in their communities, identify their problems and introduce them during decision making processes.
·  Participation in decision making processes helps to improve living conditions and the status of women with disabilities.  They are able to influence local authorities and civil society to include and address their needs.
·  The needs and rights of women with disabilities will be considered and included in community planning.
·  Make a database of women with disabilities in Shirak region.
·  Agreement of cooperation is signed between local authorities and “Agate” NGO so that the project participant WWDs are allowed and welcomed to participate in the meetings of local self-governing bodies.
·  Interactive blog is created with separate sections for each region, updating the first steps and achievements, photos and videos with the participation of women with disabilities in decision making processes.
·  A film has been made and shown on TV Channels for 3 times, which elucidates the project and success stories of young women with disabilities beneficiaries in decision making processes in their communities. It promotes changing public stereotypes and attitude towards WWDs.
· Project presentation and press conference with the participation of project beneficiaries, local authorities, mass media and representatives from Gender Equality Committee in Shirak Region.

Manushak Nersisyan

I was born in Goghovit village, in Shirak region. I studied at the local middle school. As I had physical problems and lived far from the city I was unable to continue my education and had to get self-education.
After being involved in this wonderful program of “Agate” NGO I was well-informed about my rights, found methods and actual ways of problem solutions, gained skills and knowledge in different spheres and fields. I was offered comfortable transportation for moving from my village to town and way back. Thanks to the program I went out of home, got attached to the regional centre.
“Agate” NGO organized cognitive excursions to the Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial and to the Zoo in Yerevan for the children with disabilities and needy families. I was given a great chance to realize my knowledge and be a leader in my community, which secured my reputation in the village. Now I am eager to take initiatives and realize projects which will be aimed at the development of my community.


Hayarpi Sahakyan
I was born in the city of Charentsavan, in Kotayk region. I am married and have got two children. After my marriage I moved to live in the village of Shirakavan. I have started to attend the “Agate” NGO since December 2012, which has become decisive for my further visits. Within the framework of “Leader Women with Disabilities” project I got sufficient knowledge in leadership, gender equality, UN CRPD, as well as computer literacy. Thanks to this project we had a chance to meet community and local authorities; we were able to raise questions concerning not only people with disabilities but also the community. It’s important to note, that all these meetings have been a good stimulus to raise the self-evaluation of women with disabilities, promoted them to give up constraint and inferiority complex. “Agate” NGO has become a dear and a lovely place for me.

Svetlana Manukyan
I was born in the village of Jrarat, in Shirak region, left the local public school. Thanks to the “Leader Women with Disabilities” project I participated in lots of public and political meetings and discussions. The project gave me full and valuable knowledge on leadership, skills on project-making, became well-informed about the events which I had been witnessing silently for many years. Thanks to the course of studies I became aware of the sessions and activities of local authorities, got answers to the questions I was interested in. Special thanks to “Agate” NGO for all the gained knowledge and experience, owing to them I have become more self-confident and active.

Zhenya Martirosyan
I was born in the village of Saragyugh, in Ashotsk province of Shirak region. All the courses of studies organized within the framework of the project had a positive influence on my thinking and way of life. I have become self-confident and bold. I am able to express my thoughts and ideas, speak without fear; I know how to behave correctly in different situations. I think any person should have a chance to participate in such kind of trainings and course of studies.
With the support and sponsorship of “Agate” NGO I organized an excursion to the Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial and to the Zoo in Yerevan for the children with disabilities and needy families in Saragyugh village, I had a good chance to display my organizational and leadership abilities in my community. Thanks to the president of “Agate” NGO Karine Grigoryan I went to Poland and took part in Youth in Action Program. 

Anahit Yarazyan

I was born in the village of Shirakavan, in Shirak region. I got my disability at the age of 33. When I came to “Agate” NGO for the first time I felt warmth and care, me and other people attending the centre were welcomed very amiably. We have a very friendly team in “Agate”. I participated in the trainings and course of studies in the NGO, organized within the framework of “Leader Women with Disabilities” project. As a result I felt that my disability doesn’t restrict my abilities, I am able to try my strengths and abilities in different spheres and fields. Now recollecting all my knowledge I am trying to write project proposals, find donor organizations and help my community, have my contribution in its development. A meeting was organized with the head of the village and the members of local authorities thanks to “Leader Women with Disabilities” project; when they saw my diligence and gained knowledge, they expressed their willingness of assistance and cooperation.

“Agate” NGO gave me a chance to organize an excursion for the children with disabilities and from socially needy families of our village. I have gained so much from this project, and I hope that my dream will never end, even after the completion of the project. I will always try to share my aims and plans with the employees of “Agate” NGO, take advice, share ideas, and try to live so that I should never regret for the life I live, and for anything I do…

Toksin Mirzoyan
I was born in the village of Lusaghbyur, in Shirak region. Since March 2012 I have been participating in the course of studies and trainings organized within the framework of the “Leader Women with Disabilities” project. As a result I gained new experience knowledge and other skills; how to write project proposals, CVs, etc. Thanks to these trainings I have learned that I can participate in the sessions of local authorities. And now I am participating in them, loud-speak of the problems of my community. 

Christine Grigoryan

I was born in the city of Rustavi, in Georgia. Now I live in Gyumri with my family. I have been a member of “Agate” NGO since 2012. Here I got acquainted with very many kind and pleasant people. Thanks to this organization I got lots of new and interesting friends. Owing to the “Leader Women with Disabilities” project I met many skillful specialists working in different spheres and fields. All the trainings and courses were very useful and effective, but for me the most interesting and the most remarkable of them were the lessons on Politics and Human Rights. Thanks to these lessons as a citizen of Republic of Armenia I was informed about my rights and duties, and how to use them. 

Stella Drmoyan
I am a nurse by profession. I have been attending “Agate” NGO since 2009, participated in different trainings and projects, including the “Leader Women with disabilities” project. Thanks to this project I got informed how to search a job, how to present myself before the employer, how to evaluate and display my abilities. Owing to “Agate” NGO I am able to communicate with people properly. I want these projects to be ongoing, and more girls and women are able to participate in them, as they have a great demand.

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